24h Unclogging


Unblocking and Unblocking of Tanks 24h

HYS Desentope, addresses domestic clogging issues quickly and effectively.

The unclogging services that our company has available are available to private customers (domicile) and companies (industrial), at very competitive prices.

Clogging problems always occur when we least expect them, so we have a team always available to help, at any time of day or year.
Choose quality services in emergency situations.

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Unblocking with 24h Emergency in Lisbon and Algarve


24 Hour Unblocking Service

  • Aspiration of Industrial and Domestic Cesspits
  • Unblocking Gutters and Algeroses
  • Video Inspection (CCTV) of Pipes and Sewers
  • Unblocking Pipes
  • Unclogging Sewers
  • Unclogging Industrial Sewers
  • Unblocking septic tanks
  • Unblocking Pipes
  • Clearing Sewers
  • Clearing House Cesspits
  • Clearing Pumping Wells
  • Detection of Breaks and Infiltrations
  • Unblocking Pipes
  • Clearing Sewers
  • Clearing House Cesspits
  • Sewer Construction and Repair

Unblocking, Clearing and Cleaning in 24 hours

  • Unblocking Grease Boxes and Waste Ducts
  • Mechanized unblocking with high pressure systems
  • Unblocking and Leaking Pits
  • Clearing, cleaning and unblocking ducts, drains, toilets, bathtubs, bidets, shower stalls, washbasins, sink, downspouts and plumbs.
  • Clearance in water circuits in bathrooms, kitchens, buildings and condominiums.
  • Clearing objects from pipes and pipes.
  • Post-burst cleaning or flooding
  • Removal and collection of urban and hazardous waste
  • Cleaning of hydrocarbon separators
  • Cleaning of Farms

Domestic, industrial and commercial unclogging


with permanent service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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Practice Areas in Great Lisbon

Odivelas | Loures | Cascais | Oeiras | Lisboa | Almada | Barreiro | Seixal | Montijo | Moita | Pinhal Novo | Alcochete | Quinta do Conde | Alverca | Vila Franca | Cacém | Amadora and Sintra

Practice Areas in Algarve

Albufeira | Olhos de Água | Quarteira | Armação de Pera | Carvoeiro | Portimão | Alvor | Vilamoura | Guia | among others

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